Saturday, July 7, 2012

{Dawn & Tilk} Mini-Session

Loved meeting this fabulous lady and her dog, Tilk. Dawn loves her doggie and it's clear to see why. Tilk is a smart, sweet boy. I enjoyed photographing them both and also found out during the session that Dawn loves Star Trek! So in Trekkie fashion she sported the famous V signage as well as some Trek bling on her wrist! Haha. Loved it. I grew up watching Star Trek and though I don't consider myself an avid fan, I know enough about the show to have a conversation about it. :) {Thank you Dad for all the years you watched Star Trek and I tagged along too}

Dawn has lost some weight and in her goals she is at the mid-point! What a better way to celebrate taking care of yourself and showing your progress than to book a mini-session. Here's to the rest of your awesome success Dawn! Congrats on your accomplishments thus far, you look FANTASTIC!