Saturday, April 30, 2011

{Business Updates 04.2011}

Three changes:
Josephiney Photography no longer offers print only options for lifestyle packages. ALL of my packages are digital, meaning we shoot your session, I artistically edit your hi-res images and put them on a disc for you to print. If you book a session, you must order a digital package. You will see the below graph which has been added to my website and blog:

Josephiney Photography is a digital package photographer. Which means that if you book a session you are committing to ordering a digital package below. I photograph your session and then give you hi-resolution, artistically edited images on a disc along with a print release for you to reprint the photographs. My goal is to give you all of your edited photos so you don't have to pick and choose. My worst memory in having my children photographed when they were young was standing at a computer screen having to pick one pose and crying b/c I couldn't have or afford them all! I do not offer print only sessions/options. You may of course opt to purchase prints in addition to your digital package after it has been purchased.

Also of noteworthiness... :) 
Discount for coming to Wakarusa will change from $30 to $20 during summer/fall months as inclement weather is not an issue. Wakarusa is a great little town to shoot in, there are plenty of shot opps here! And it can save you some cash as well to come to me.This change will be effective for any sessions booked after May 7th, 2011. If you've already booked your session and were coming here to Waky, your discount is still $30. 

And lastly, I will no longer be booking weddings in the months of November, December, January, February, March or April. I will only be taking May-October wedding bookings from here on out. If you are booked with me for a winter wedding - obviously no worries. My commitment to you will not waiver. :) But for future bookings I will only be booking May-October Weddings. I also limit the amount of wedding I take each year as I am also equally a lifestyle photographer as well. Thank you!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

{Baby Deklen | Newborn Session}

Newborn photos of adorable baby Deklen! I love his name!! It's Irish and very unique. He was sooooo cooperative and took a nice long nap while I photographed. :) His momma had the house like so clean - I have never seen a house that clean after having a newborn baby, let alone it being your fourth baby!! Here are two of my favs!

Monday, April 25, 2011

{Bench Monday - March & April}

Another project I am hoping to stick to. :) Every Monday you post on Flickr a photo of you or someone .. simply on a bench or some sort of elevation. This project has already been so fun and I am seriously super amazed at the creativity some have in regards to this project. It's inspiring to photograph something so mundane - and yet.. try to make it somewhat artsy. Projects like this make me realize why I love photography all over again. Though I never forget it - I realize that in doing things like this just for me.. I'm overflowing my heart with something that brings me happiness and freedom to photograph things... like.. your feet.. on a bench. Happy Bench Monday... March and April Edition.

 Bench  Monday 03.07.11 Purple, Props & Pumps Edition.

Bench Monday 03.14.11 Chuck + Betty = Winning Combination Edition.

Bench Monday 03.21.11 - Sassy Apron Edition.
Bench Monday 03.28.11 - Bulldozer Edition
Bench Monday 04.11.11
Just Got Back From Vacation Edition.

Bench Monday 041811
I Love a Firefighter Edition.

Bench Monday 04.25.11
In another life I was an Egyptologist Edition.

{Karen | Portfolio Mini-Session}

I met Karen when I was blogging many years ago. Her blog inspired me. She's a true professional, amazingly talented at what she does. She's a conflicting coach with 15 years experience behind her. She's amazing!! And she has her own radio show. (info below)

I think some people find it odd to remain friends over the years and feel as though you KNOW each other personally via many exchanged messages and conversations over the years. I don't find it odd, however. I find it ... today. Many friendships, lasting friendships are built over the internet today. Over the years we have watched each other's lives - despite the miles - via blogs and Facebook, watched kids grow, job changes, life changes. We've both experienced loss of a loved one much too soon. I feel as though I've known her for a LONG time personally. I know God brought her into my life for many special reasons. But mostly b/c of the encouragement she provided me when I needed it most. She is a dear friend. It was wonderful to have a moment to meet her IN PERSON! A brief meeting albeit but wonderful to meet her and photograph her. She's gorgeous! Give her some love!

Check out her website:

Friday, April 22, 2011

{The Howell Family | Family Session|

This was a 3-family combined session with some adults, some little ones and a doggie. :) Trying to photograph three little ones can present it's own challenges. :) But it was great to see the families interact together to entertain the kids, especially the Grandpa, who was literally standing behind me making silly faces and getting the kids to crack up. Between the amazing tutus, the gorgeous home, the goldfish crackers and just being surrounded by lots of people who loved each other - it was a really enjoyable session. Good job guys! You planned and even though it took some work and some silly faces, singing and clapping to kids in unison... your session turned out great! Thanks again for allowing me to photograph and spend time with the people you love most!

{Lily Update... happy Friday!}

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{The world needs more people...}

Who cannot be bought.
Whose word is their bond.
Who put character above wealth.
Who are larger than their vocations.
Who do not hesitate to take chances.
Who will not lose their individuality in a crowd.
Who will be as honest in small things as in great things.
Who are not afraid to stand alone.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

{Leslie | Maternity Session}

To me there aren't many things more beautiful than a pregnant mom. Carrying a child.. caring for a child. It's so beautiful to watch a mom interact with her family while she is carrying such a precious gift. I photographed Leslie before I left for vacation and when I got back she had had her baby! Talk about looking FANTASTIC at the end of a pregnancy!! She just radiated joy and happiness.. and she's just so gosh darn beautiful. I told her if I was brave enough to rock the style, I'd cut my hair like hers! I LOVE it! Unfortunately I can't pull off short hair, but I love the spunkiness of her style! Thank you so much Leslie for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family and to document and capture something so special to you.

{Why do photographers ask for a signed contract and deposit?}

Planning a wedding can be stressful. There are so many choices and decisions to be made. Many brides wonder what they should be looking for in a photographer outside of artistic and photographic capabilities. So in finding a professional photographer a bride may ask two things: Why do I need a contract? and Why do I need to pay a non-refundable deposit in order to book my date? These are common but important questions. Let's discuss them.

Why do I need a contract?
A wedding contract is very important and your photographer should offer one. If not, this is something to be concerned about as a booked wedding date with a paid deposit and signed contract is like a promise. It is a commitment between you and your photographer and is a very serious matter. A contract is of course a photographer's means of protecting their work. But it is also important in providing peace of mind to the client that their date is held solely for them, their requests have been documented as well as clearly laying out and confirming their understanding of the agreed services and products offered, the terms and conditions applicable, the requirements and rights of both parties and the consequences should either party cancel or not uphold the agreement. A contract is vital to underlining the professionalism of a photographer, as well as establishing trust with their client that they will uphold their word to provide a service for the client on the date established. I encourage brides to read thoroughly their contract so that they understand the terms to which they are signing to - as contracts are signed to protect both the client and the photographer. A client should never sign a contract that they don't fully understand or agree to - as signing your name to an agreement is a serious matter.

Why do I need to pay a non-refundable deposit in order to book my date?
Most photographers ask for a non-refundable deposit. Even before you officially book your date, time goes into e-mails and communication about your wedding date, including photographing an engagement session, etc. Your photographer has already begun planning for your date even before you have signed for it. The deposit covers not only the time already spent in communicating, but also your engagement session and any other services provided in preparation for your wedding. Most importantly - your deposit secures your date, thereby making it unavailable to other clients. Because most photographers that shoot weddings work strictly in photography as their full-time income - they count on the service they are committing to. If you cancel, you are breaking a promise and an agreement. Granted, some situations are unavoidable in which case your photographer should try their best to accommodate you provided that they have enough lead time and dates available. For this reason, clients should be aware that if they change or cancel the established contract date - they potentially risk losing the services of the photographer they chose and also the deposit that they paid towards services as the photographer has held the date and excluded all other potential clients. Upon client cancellation, some photographers may offer photographic services within 90 days towards lost deposit depending on their contract.

So in summary, making sure that you have a photographer who will provide you with a contract is a good thing. It means you are equally committing to your wedding date and the service provided. Be sure to read your contract thoroughly and ask questions if you don't understand something. If the contract still doesn't make sense, contact someone who can offer you some legal advice and can explain to you thoroughly what you don't understand. A photographer shouldn't ask you to sign the contract immediately. They should offer you the time you need to read it through. Rest assured that once you have booked your date, your photographer will hold that date for you as it is stated in the contract you agreed upon. Realize that signing a contract is a legal binding between your agreement and that there can potentially be ramifications upon cancellation, such as resulting in lost deposit and or loss of photographic services. If in the event a photographer can't accommodate your date change, ask them for referrals of photographers they recommend. If you hired them at one point to shoot one of the most important days of your life, even though they couldn't accommodate your change, they can certainly recommend other good options. 

Well-established, professional photographers should offer you a contract and a guarantee that your date is reserved, be it through your deposit or whatever means you have both agreed and signed upon. Small successful business owners then keep to their contract, thereby honoring their word and your mutual agreement.