Monday, April 25, 2011

{Karen | Portfolio Mini-Session}

I met Karen when I was blogging many years ago. Her blog inspired me. She's a true professional, amazingly talented at what she does. She's a conflicting coach with 15 years experience behind her. She's amazing!! And she has her own radio show. (info below)

I think some people find it odd to remain friends over the years and feel as though you KNOW each other personally via many exchanged messages and conversations over the years. I don't find it odd, however. I find it ... today. Many friendships, lasting friendships are built over the internet today. Over the years we have watched each other's lives - despite the miles - via blogs and Facebook, watched kids grow, job changes, life changes. We've both experienced loss of a loved one much too soon. I feel as though I've known her for a LONG time personally. I know God brought her into my life for many special reasons. But mostly b/c of the encouragement she provided me when I needed it most. She is a dear friend. It was wonderful to have a moment to meet her IN PERSON! A brief meeting albeit but wonderful to meet her and photograph her. She's gorgeous! Give her some love!

Check out her website: