Friday, February 22, 2013



maiden infidel of yellow unwanted and left behind
once gazed bright, loving eyes
now haunted by numbing pain that left love’s vision blind
but winter the only season that seems true
the tarnished mirror she now reflects, you

a weed cast down and pushed underfoot
revived only for beauty’s tolerable look
hopeful, a wish for familiarity to resurface
and blew your warm breath on her love’s apprehensive kiss

but see, a delicate weed untended was left to bloom, grow old
and now her pieces scatter on your breath no longer warm, but cold
alone and unsorted not much more than a stem
strong enough to support herself but weak enough to bend
hollow her being in search of once remembered whole
swarming loneliness of void gnawing at her weary soul

she girds herself up, strength unknown in hand
all that is left is to wait and in stillness stand
winds of foreseen change, scattered seeds blown afar
she will bloom again - another year - under a different star.