Monday, December 31, 2012

{I've learned | Personal}

I wrote this back in November this year.. but I think many people related to it.. so I'm going to share it again...
It's been a tough year...

I've had to make tough decisions that I never wanted.
I've had to face moments that broke my heart.
I've learned who my true friends are.
I've had to learn what I tolerate. What I do not.
I've learned that self-respect teaches respect.
I've had to sort lies from truth.
I've learned you are never as alone as you think you are.
I've learned that sometimes a road less tak
en is necessary.
I've learned to walk forward anyway.
I've learned to ignore misinformed opinions.
I've accepted that sometimes people just don't know.
I've accepted that I answer to only ONE. The One.
I've learned to be less quick to assume others circumstances.
I've learned to be less quick to judge another's decision.
I've had to forgive and I'm still working on forgiving.
I've accepted His grace to be forgiven.
I've had to accept that the world is full of broken people.
I've had to accept that I am one.
I've learned that churches are hospitals healing the broken.
I've learned that no one is without issues.
I've learned that choices bring consequence.
I've accepted for Him to carry me during the lowest points.
I've learned to be thankful for new things. Small things.
I've accepted the fragility of trust.
I've learned the importance of honesty.
I've accepted that He knows the plans He has for me.
I've learned to pray harder over my kids than ever before.
I've learned to let go, in more ways than I wanted to.
I've learned that even the best laid plans require faith.
I've learned that God can use many an unexpected catalyst.
I've learned that silence is necessary to hear.
I've learned that self pity doesn't pay bills. Hard work does.
I've learned that accolades don't match a child's love.
I've learned that pain is not optional... but growth is.
I'm learning that night doesn't last forever.
I'm learning that beauty can come from ashes.
I'm learning to trust Him in all circumstances.