Saturday, December 15, 2012

{I am a Mom | Personal}

I am a mom.
To two amazing kids.
I juggle a more than FT job and two busy kids with busy lives.
Basketball games and concerts. Practices. Overnights.
On Sundays I cook them a super amazing meal.
They laugh at me when I photograph it.
On Friday nights we get pizza.
Sometimes I give orders.
Sometimes they talk back.
Sometimes they dust when I don't ask them to.
Sometimes they leave notes on my desk.
Sometimes their "I love you mom" makes me cry.
When I look at them I think they are the most beautiful kids ever.
And I beam ear to ear with pride.
Often they surprise me with a hug out of no where.
I fold never-ending laundry on the dining room table.
I tell them every day that their rooms need cleaned up.
I remind them twice to brush their teeth.
Every day I pick up shorts in the bathroom and water bottles in the living room.
Help them with their homework and sometimes have to check myself on the math I don't remember.
Pay bills and edit pix when they sleep. Jam out at my desk.
Have to remind myself to take a break - they are growing, moments are fleeting, this job is not as important as them.
Laugh our butts off with whoopie cushions at Dollar General.
I jokingly blame them for my gray hairs.
I photograph them - even when they are sick of it.
I post photos of them and tell them they are the cutest kids ever. They smile because they believe me.

Having children changed my life.
They are the best thing I have ever done.
Supersedes any accolades or degrees or awards.
They ARE my best work. And the work that matters most.

They are my anchors. My inspiration.

“The Greatest Gift Is A Portion Of Thyself.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I love my portions.