Wednesday, November 16, 2011

{Josephiney Photography | Studio Open House | 11.11.11}

What an awesome studio open house. People I hadn't seen in a long time, people I see every day. But they came out to show their support.

Thank you!

I had a better turn out than I could have imagined for both the morning and evening open houses. The evening open house was so busy I barely had time to even snap pictures of the people! Lol. So thank you!! Thank you to those of you who brought gifts and cards - your generosity and kindness are much appreciated and close to my heart.

Thank you Sonya Hooley for the help you provided in helping me organize the studio. For driving up to New Buffalo with me to buy decor, giant butterflies and such. :) For the beautiful hats you made me over the months! Thank you kids for helping me paint and clean. Thank you Erin Ferguson for baking cookies! Thank you Shelly Barhydt for helping FIND the studio first and also helping me conceptualize decor. Thank you Deb from the Chamber for helping me advertise the open house. Thank you Moyer's for allowing me to rent this awesome space. Thank you Jeff Dickerson for hanging my sign. Thank you Haley for the INCREDIBLE talent you shared in your canvas that you painted for me - it hangs at the top of my stairs. It is SO personal and touching - thank you for incorporating mementos from my beloved sister. I treasure that so much. But so importantly - many, many thanks to Adrian - for all you helped me do to prepare. Installing the sign, the hand rail, helping me set up the window front, moving and installing furniture. Painting the front door and trim in the cold rain!!!! You are the best and I love you. Thank you SO much all of you for all of the ways you helped me!!! And lastly, I want to thank two people who sent gifts well before my open house as studio warming gifts. Thank you Kelly for the Hello sign with the cool vintage camera. I love it! Thank you Jessica - my Ohio lovey - for the hanging butterfly mobile. You both sent these to me weeks/months before the open house and I am so touched by the gifts... but more so your thoughtfulness.

The day was a complete whirlwind. The days before, don't know where they went except into preparation! I don't know how many hours went into it all, but it doesn't matter now. It's done. :) The space itself is great - daylight is incredible. Room heats up nice and is clean. It is PERFECT for me, perfect size, perfect location, perfect light. I couldn't ask for more. I never wanted an Olan Mills type of studio. It's not me. I can't deal with that much overhead! This was simple and full of light. A place to go to when I needed a good indoor space to photograph. My goal for this space is two things mainly though I will use it for other things I'm sure as well: Bridal Consultations & Baby Photography. Maybe some business portfolio headshots, senior traditional shots and classy boudoir.

I have considered maybe having a few small classes too in the winter - to teach moms and anyone else how to better use their camera and take a better picture. I figure it'll be low in cost, more of a help to the community and any friends combined with laughter and snacks. What is better than that? :)

And speaking of that.. my girlfriends and I have decided we need a night to just chill and hang out in the studio. It's that cozy. :) Place to escape insanity for a few hours? Come on over. :) I will bring the vino. :)

So below are pictures mostly from the open house day! We started at 10:30 outside with a ribbon cutting with the Chamber of Commerce. :) That was fun. Had never done that before! Thank you Chamber for coming out to welcome my new studio AND for the bottle of Maple Syrup. Gotta love our small town syrup. :)

{Wait, shut up - you did NOT find matching paper towels!}
Yes, Yes, I did. :)

If you know me well enough you know I joke about being a star child.
I always have these odd random circumstances that .. just happen.

I planned my open house for 11.11.11 on purpose. They always say to make a wish. Well I did. :) Anyone else ever look at the clock and see random numbers? Well welcome to being a star child. It's a phenomena, I like to think it makes one phenomenal. :)

And then when I got in my car after the open house was all done - I had to laugh at my mileage. :) More double digits. :)

Not really any different to me than all the monarchs I saw this past summer that fluttered by me on the way to my studio  - one even led the way for quite a while. It's just one of those things - like many others that make me smile to myself and say, Jess I hope you know how much you still inspire me even though you're gone.

What an incredible day. Journey. Life.

Thanks to all who helped make this day so special.