Friday, May 21, 2010


I have these amazing friends that I don't get to talk about a lot....

Sometimes when we are so busy we forget about the people that love us, the same people that know how to really make us feel special. The very people that truly bring to the forefront how blessed we are to have them in our lives.

In life we are in and out of friends. Even if you are a melancholy soul like me - you make friendships and over time they drift away. Not by intent. Not b/c you are melancholy - but because life just happens to be that way. People move, people change. Distance takes over. It's always a sad process of waning and waxing. And even though it may not be a choice I've made - it's just part of life.

The friends that stay over the years - the ones you call through the difficult times & jubliant times... those are the friends that make you realize how blessed you are. They go through the years WITH you. You know another ten years will pass like tomorrow, but they will STILL be there.

Martha and Jamie are two such friends.

We went to college together, roommates. If I had a penny for all the moments of rioted laughter, fits of giggles and tears in our eyes after yet ANOTHER prank had been played - I'd be rich without effort. Oh the FUN we had together. Went through things together that unless you were there - just can't be understood. Mutual relativity that will forever bond us. Through those very memories - our conversation will never run dry - b/c there will always be yet another "remember when" to discuss for the 45th time... And an equal dose of laughter to follow suit.

I love you girls. I owe you thanks for encouraging me and believing in me. And not just that, but for recognizing a huge step in my life.

This last week I received breathtaking ROSES via mail from Marth and a glorious STARBUCKS card from James. Just b/c they were proud of me for taking that chance to follow my heart. For doing what I love and believing that IT matters.

Thanks guys for loving me through the years, being there and making me feel TRULY blessed to have such wonderful friends. I can't wait till our next goofy photo session in DT Chi-town or anywhere that we are b/c I know it will be one of the best days in life... one to hang onto and treasure b/c it was spent with dear friends. Love you guys.