Tuesday, May 18, 2010

{1st Week off}

Was a blur.

Holy cow, who knew I'd have so much to accomplish. I still have not been able to do anything to my house as far as organizing... BUT, I did finish editing the sessions that needed done. Few more to finish this week. Editing during the day brings about a whole new sort of creativity vs. sitting at my desk at 9p after the kids have gone to bed and a full day of 8-5 in an office is complete. I have my own office now, next to a gorgeous window and of course, this office is perfected by the mini space heater that runs while I work. Yes, an 80 degree environment that includes a Mac computer and photo editing always means a very happy Joanne. K, well not always, if you ask my husband - but most often. ; )

Several people have commented that they were touched by my sister's tribute when they saw my site. It always makes me smile. I know it's a sad tribute b/c Jess is gone - but even when we read one thing that touches us, stops us amidst all the chaos of our lives - we re-evaluate. We find thankfulness in the day to day routines and hug the people we love a little tighter.

Here's a few photos that I absolutely loved from a session not too long ago of a gorgeous family. We hit the streets of a small town and considering there are only a handful of alleys in this small town - I think we picked the perfect ones for this session. Thank you Shawn & Landis - along with your gorgeous kiddos for allowing me to photograph your session.