Monday, September 15, 2014

{The Proposal | Chicago Art Institute} Personal

I studied art in college. My degree is actually a Bachelor's degree in fine art. I have always had a huge appreciate for the arts. My favorite time period of course being Impressionism. We went though to see the Magritte exhibit. {I also dig some surrealism as well} Caillebotte's Rainy Day in Paris was gone the last time we visited the Art Institute in Chicago ... and it was back so I was very happy to relish it for a good while. We had already been walking around for about a good 2 hours, maybe more. We wandered towards Flemish and Dutch artists of late 1800's and I wasn't all that interested {and a little tired} so I said,
"Babe, we can head out if you want." He's like, "no... let's keep looking." So I'm like he must really love me if he wants to spend more time than me in the art museum! Ha. Paul totally digs art... MAN he is a keeper!
We keep walking and stopping here and there. I show him a sketch of Ophelia by Delacroix and no sooner turn the corner and this happens....
P: "Oh here it is!"
Me: Confused looking like, what is he talking about? And he starts pointing at this painting.
P: "This painting ....It's called "The Lovers", I've been looking for it the whole time we have been here."
Me: "Oh really???" Now my curiosity is peaked b/c I don't know this painting and he does???? !!! Lol.
P: "Yes, this painting reminds me of us. See how he's listening to her? He's giving her his whole attention and she's contemplating and looking at the flower. She's thinking. You do that a lot. I researched this painting before we came here and it doesn't have a lot of history as to why it was painted or for who? It's kind of a mystery so it's our painting. It must have been painted for us. So now when we see it will always remind us that it's our painting. That's us."
Me: "Awww, babe that's sweet"
*** THEN HE GETS DOWN ON ONE KNEE*** And people start stopping and looking at us.
But for me time stops and I notice he is VERY NERVOUS. Oh wait.. no, there are tears in his eyes. So I become immediately nervous too!!!! SO nervous I had trouble remembering everything he was saying except this:
P "Will you do me the honor of being my wife? I love you and I promise to honor and protect you for the rest of my life."
And then he pulls out the 1927 Antique engagement ring I picked out from an East coast jeweler but have never seen.  SWOON.

I said yes. Yes like 3x.

And he put the ring on my finger. And the inquisitive lady behind me and the one in front of us both asked, did she say yes? Haha. I guess I was quiet. But I am delayed sometimes in my reactions. After the shock {bc honestly I did not expect it THERE. I had an inkling but wow. ♥} After the shock, came the tears. And they flowed for the next 10 minutes. Happy tears mixed in with glances at my ring and "Oh my, it' so pretty honey."

So that's our story. We got engaged in an art museum in the beautiful city of Chicago. One of our favorite places and favorite towns. He knows my heart. And that it wouldn't be sufficed with something typical... And if you must know the truth I think that was his biggest fear... was making sure it was atypical enough for me. Haha. I mean, I shoot weddings for a living. Every year I hear atleast 25-30 engagement stories from my brides and grooms when they book. He knew his proposal had to be near to my heart and unique. Haha. NO PRESSURE!!! I'm just a wedding photographer!  He said he was looking for that painting the entire time, not really sure where it was. I wonder how many paintings hang in that museum? Haha. God bless his heart.

He did exceptional.
My heart is so full.
And this print will now adorn my home.
I have a new favorite painting. 
The Lovers.