Monday, February 17, 2014

{Your story | Personal}

You have a story. And it goes way back...
Your story is complex. It is heart and soul. It is full of characters who will walk in and out of your life. It is comprised of strings tied to your heart and strings which are severed. It is usually unpredictable. It is broken as much as it is beautiful. It is full of a mix of pages... worn, tear-stained and some even impeccable.

You can't turn back the pages and rewrite them or change them to read the way you would like. Those chapters have passed.... Along with the promises you clung to or abandoned. Along with the people who made them or broke them. Every day you changed based on your experiences, your histories and your hopes. Every day the page waited for your story to be inked on it based on those changes.

All written before is an inseparable part of you. You have control over writing... only today. This knowledge is equally freeing and damning.

So with that you say goodbye to some of the hard to read words, lines and paragraphs you left on the previous pages. A new page now. Again. Turning. Writing. And again. Turning. Writing.

Turning. Writing... Living.

No one expects a perfect story or to know the ending at the beginning. Who knew which characters would leave too soon or exit altogether? None the less, all of the people, the words and lines therein filled part of your porous heart - each one destined. Kindly know, that as much as your heart swelled or bled dry, each joy, each tear, each chapter you wrote taught you a lesson in your mortality. And each person taught you a lesson in your soul.

New chapters are equally as hopeful as they are painful because they are built on the old ones. We may go back to the good ones from time to time. We hold onto those redeeming pages, we must. They, after all, make the entire story worth reading. But we don't want to reread the bad ones or dwell on them. Rereading sparks as if we were writing them today. And the chapters to come... ? Though we anticipate them, we fear them too.

For we want our stories to be more about elation than anguish.

So no matter how many times we think of how we could have written it differently. Or changed the characters within...could we have just stayed paused on that page forever? You know that answer, you too are writing, friend.

We have to accept that in God giving us His free will - He knew our every page and its turning. Our every chapter, our beginning and end. And in that - each page we are privileged to write, pain-filled or joy-filled - is still the very gift of a story in itself.

And be encouraged beloved.
So very much of it... is still unwritten.