Thursday, April 11, 2013

{Bahama Mama + 2 kiddos | Vacation 2013} Personal

I have been on a cruise to the Bahamas 4x. This time with my kids was very special. It was a little scary just us 3 - but I learned some new strengths, physical and mental. Luggage was a little difficult to manage at times but I got an arm work out in the process. :) My kids are of good age to travel.. and I have to say, this trip allowed me to get to know them in a different light. Seeing their excitement and having all of the free time we had to do only fun things.. to talk, eat tons.. lay in the sun. It was fabulous.. and much needed. I had time to sit and reflect about life. I had time to catch little glimpses and glimmers of their multi-faceted little personalities... things I miss during every day life were shining brightly on this trip. 

Gosh I love them. 

My life those two. This last year has taught me so much. It's been a tough year for sure, for all of us - especially them. But what I've learned is the strength we all have and carry - even during the lows. And in that.. we also carry one another. Nothing more important to me in this world than them. I have said it many times.. but no accolades, no awards or titles or job could ever compare to the job or title I have as Mom. Thankful.. for them. For the memories we continue to make. For what they continue to teach me.

Having time to relax, sleep in and eat a ton of good food was just what I needed before my crazy busy year of weddings starts! I feel refreshed and ready! So let's bring on the busy season of 2013! I have two INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS and AMAZING kids, a job that inspires me and fulfills me every day, a family that is beyond supportive and loving and a life that is being LIVED. Thankful. Blessed.

Obligatory Airport Pix. :)

We're headed to Miami!

That was a crazy scary flight American Eagle. Lots of storm clouds and turbulence. But look at that, Miami!!! Me during that ride?? I was saying the sinner's last prayer. I was scared! Never had a flight that crazy and bumpy EVER before. Enna was about asleep and B? He was acting like it was the best roller coaster ride he had ever been on. I think at one point he said "WEEEEE!" outloud. Lol. 

First thing that kid did was get into a robe and chill. Lol. And first thing she did? Check out the bathroom. haha.

A rainy first departure day in Miami... still so pretty! And still so excited!

Loved all the boats, palm trees and that lone seagull. 

Waving goodbye to Miami Port!

Our ship had the coolest lights! We got some fruit smoothies for our departure!

Headed out on the open seas! Exploring the boat with my little birds. :)


Miami you are so far away now!

Dinner our first night! Steak + Fish... pretty good food! But dessert was amazing. And these two.. never missing a moment.

I love that my kids are posers. 

Some of the incredible food we ordered! The top left was our fav. Chocolate melting cake. Holy cow. For realz.

Loved seeing her so happy happy happy! 
Beautiful sunset our first night at sea... neat to see the cloud coverage clearing away.

Momma loves a good hot tub.

Our room steward Ron was AWESOME. He totally had some fun creations for us when we'd get back each night. Enna bought a towel creations book to learn how to make these! I can't wait to see what she comes up with. #OhKermie

Breakfast the next am!

The other side of the boat. We didn't spend as much time here.. you see the waterslides in the back? Yeah.. that's where we were. :) 

The items you hope only to photograph and never use. :) Thank GOD.

My pretty little Adrienna. Kids loved this pool too but weren't crazy about the salt water.

Ikr, you are asking if I hit the slides too.. YES, I did. Screamed like a girl the whole way down and trust me when I say there would not be a photo of such a thing. Lol. 

The seagulls were a little overly-friendly.

Beautiful and colorful Nassau.

This guy kept thinking I had food or something for him. He kept flying by me SO close! 

Atlantis from our boat. Neat to see the clouds moving over and creating shadows on the building. 
The Disney cruise that was parked by us + way cooler than ours. Lol. Maybe next time. :)

I sometimes wonder what this life would be like without this love I have to document... Canon products all the way baby!
Good Lord, the desserts.

I was probably one of the only dorks photographing the desserts.. but Gosh they were so pretty!

Enna named this bird Willie. :) 
Some shots on the boat before heading out to Nassau.

 Enna moo, cuddle bunny, Mookah Moo, Enna Benna... My girl.
Eating Lunch with this handsome guy and pretty girl above.

Kids were impressed with these anchor holds. In front of our boat. :) We're on dry land!

Various angles of our boat and row of cruise ships... our boat did NOT lose power or become idly stranded in the middle of the ocean. Thank you Jesus!

Kids checking out some fish.

We made our way to the post office in the Bahamas so the kids could send their dad a post card each. I sent my  momma one. :) As we were standing there I saw this sign on the wall, how true? So true it is. Along life's journey there is always a wealth of truth if you look for it. Sometimes.. in unexpected places such as a post office.. in the Bahamas. ;)

Walking the streets of Nassau. Strawmarket brought us these two awesome floppy hats. :)

Had to call some special peeps. So we took a breather and bought a phone card. :)

B on the phone with his dad. So rare to see him on THIS kind of phone. Haha. 

World watch out for this one. She could be president one day.  
So nice to see flowers!!

My Enna took this one! Love it. Both of my kids are quite the little photographers! Both know how to shoot in manual. Ha. Rock it kids! Gonna put you all to work one day! Ha.

Now thisssssss... yeah, THIS is typical. 

But this.. this is posed. :) 

One of the things I do when I am really happy is flex. :) Hey, someone has to step out of the box a little. B must have done that claw hook on purpose and I didn't catch it. 

I love the pink buildings. The end. 
In college we had a play about Victoria Regina. Ask me if I remember any of it now though. Ha. I just know she was an important Queen. And maybe she liked pink? Hahaha. Above shot with wide angle 24-70/2.8 and below shot with fisheye 15mm/2.8.

I have a fascination for that steeple. I love that it is weathered. And I'm not sure what that structure is on the left but I always love seeing the influence of Egyptian architecture - obelisks - even cut off are cool.

More buildings in Nassau! So pretty! 

Paradise. Love the light, the tall palms, the pink, blue and green.

Timer shot! They are so patient with me. They know after about 4-5 tries we will get one. :) 

Beautiful Bahamas courtyard!

I just love her... so much. My little diva. 

Such a handsome bub that boy of mine.

B took this one of me. Loved it.

Love this dress from my friend Sundown! She bought it for me just for this cruise and because hello.. Monarch butterfly. :) Love my friends! I am blessed.

Details, details.

Later on the cruise ship we played mini-golf. I hate mini-golf. I admit, I had to quit. I would rather watch them play happy gilmore and photograph them. Lol. I DID try tho. :) And they gave me props for that. 

Goodbye Disney cruise. We will miss your cool disney sounding toots and horns that sounded like when you wish upon a star...

Happy trails!

The sheer size of these boats is always impressive to me.

OMGOSH! My favorite pix from the whole cruise! They are really smiling for real with TEETH and they are hugging too!! Haha. It's rare.. but it DOES happen.

He's such a little stud.

We're ON A BOAT! I don't show this tatt for my sister that often. But it's special to me.. I still love it so much. Still miss her so very much. I know she'd be proud of me tho for taking this trip. :)

Tons of serious pix? Ain't nobody got time for that.
We're cool like that. Ahhh, SUCH a fantastic trip with my two amazing kids! Much needed R+R! Ok, so now bring on wedding season 2013! :)