Saturday, October 6, 2012

{A typical Session with Josephiney}

I move around a lot... clearly. When I am shooting I am all over the place. Love angles so I do what I need to do to get them. What I've realized over the years of shooting is that I usually look pretty dumb and end up in some crazy squatting position in the middle of traffic or onlookers. Truth is, I am so lost in my job and the creative moment that I am not thinking or caring what I look like. When I shoot weddings I stand in front of a few hundred people often, none of which care what I am doing - they are focused on the bride and groom.. but part of this job is being able to tune out everything around you and concentrate on getting the shot, despite the fact that you are in front of public view. One session, two hours and probably a hundred stances and several poses for the client.. and usually one tired Josephiney. 

  • I am not afraid to lay on the dirty ground... to get a shot.
  • I lay on my back, on my stomach, on my side. Ha. 
  • I have passers by look at me funny.
  • I am directive. People like directions though in situations like this. :)
  • I bend over, squat, kneel, totally stick my butt out. {not intentionally! lol}
  • I focus with one eye closed sometimes, or sometimes both eyes open. 
  • I lean up against things. After testing they are sturdy. :)
  • I usually carry two cameras. 
  • I stop and think. A lot.
  • I laugh and joke a lot and seriously.. have a blast. 
  • Who needs yoga when you photograph? Lol.
  • I love my job btw.
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